August 8, 2013
Top of the Pops

Top of the Pops is an exclusive from Alexander Paul Wyatt. A vignette inspired by the Giacomo Lee novel Red Trick.

Slash back. Razor blade melody in a room of bliss. It’s not over yet. What
is love? It’s throbbing bass bouncing in a deep blue room and all we can
feel is a deep blue something. This is the rhythm of the night and rhythm
is a dancer. You can feel it: music wed to sensation.

Crescendo building on the four-chord run. Five to a one. Release of
tension: no bridge can stop those waves, they flow and reflow. The sound
waves, the soundwar, shimmering through the dancefloor. Splice. Hypnotic
groove. Trance in a trance. A demonic outro fades: the birth pangs of new
music. 21 seconds.

Upstairs, downstairs, boys and girls, urbane to talk to sing to dance to
live to love to laugh. Dance like everyone’s watching. Faces glowing in the
striplight, electricshaded. A foliage of electric stars. Everybody’s free
to feel good.

Shape shifting shadows climbing walls: stray strobe lighting, flickering
neon violence. Baby don’t hurt me no more, we’re all just singing for
money. Gypsy people.

It’s the middle of the night and the haze is setting in, his eyes are
getting drowsy, he’s danced for hours. Bright lights made him want to
dance, but it wasn’t house music that put him in a trance. Saturday night
on a knife edge. Pills and drink and poppers - stimulants for the body,
mind, soul. Fading on the other side of midnight. Do you think you’re
better off alone?

He casts his eyes: legs, flesh, sin. Strapless, short, mini, pleated.
Skirts floating on a vibrato of air. Longing libido lightly calls. All he
wants is a seductress, a sacred lack of inhibition. Til I come.

There she stands. Hair streaked gold and brown. Her face appears and
disappears in the whim of the spotlight. Dark smile, a siren’s eyes. She
beckons him into the dark invading. He sees, she sees. Her bare arms flung
in wild embrace to the music. She is heaven, she is an angel in a tomb of
ecstasy. Only love can set you free.

Sinkapace surfing forward the bodies of the damned, damned not to know
desire. Smiling inane, bouncing bodies left and right. He knows love and
fate and falls praying at their altar. He is simple man, she is strange and
wild. She is Venus risen to tempt, to tease, to illuminate the eternal

He opens his mouth whisper the secrets of life in her ear. Listening lips
and eyes. Her smell, her soft skin, her presence of divinity: he delights
in these pleasures. She whispers to him: her name, her job, hopes, dreams,
needs, wants. The tigress is furious.

Skin sweeps skin and sweeps again. A test to catch the butterfly. She is
liquid, ever moving, unknowable, untameable, wild in the sea of noise. He
takes her hand, entwining his and her fingers. He needs the confirmation of
love, he needs salvation. He was born slippy, he’ll die slippy. When she
smiles at you boy, you’re on a ragga tip.

He can taste those lips. A twisting head, butterflies, the knowing moment:
mouth to your mouths kiss. Soft, warm, lined with definition, moist, a
tingle of minute sensations. They are surrounded yet alone and unheeded:
close to the wild heart of life.

They kiss once, twice, thrice. Addiction. Love loves to love love, the want
to be wanted. Now that we’ve found love what are we gonna do with it?
Together they dance, alone, young and wilful. Not the dance of release but
the dance of humanity: bodies together, locked together in a rhythm of
primal beasts. Instinct rising to the surface. Rising and falling, rising
and falling the bodies dance. His hand around her waist, the smell of her
hair. Embrace.

And then she is pulled from his fingers. Drawn by the sound, rhythm, by the
shimmering crowd. Tumbling as waves unfurling to the music, they are one:
everyday people in one organism pulling her to the centre, the beat
pulsating heart, taking her. She is willing to be taken into the dark heart
of the jam: an inhaling, imbibing beast, a womb: throbbing, dark,
dangerous, deadloving music. No limit.

He watches. He hasn’t got the power. A river too deep, a mountain too high.
She is gone. Her glow has faded: darker hue after darker hue. He looks in
sufferance. The groove was in his heart. One livid final flame. Back to

He is alone. He is alone amidst hot air and broken glass and people smiling
and shadows creeping along walls and tangling bodies and darkclad figures
dancing together enjoying moments together and he knows his refuge.
Downswallow and fall into the fray into melodious eternity. The music
intense, the people ecstatic, glorious, united in rhythm, euphoria, they
took her, forgiveness, this is spiritual, soaring higher and higher,
everybody embrace, higher, confused, confess to love, speeding, sustained,
spin out long and pure, soaring endless, this is music as pleasure, as

Let me be your fantasy.

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March 16, 2012

An elegiacomo exclusive, xoxo is a short sequel of sorts to my novel Red Trick, a book I wrote in 2007 that finally found publication February 2012. Consider it a catch-up session with the book’s main character MC Red Trick (aka Freddy) at the age of 26.

xoxo (seven years later)

Buster Keaton is blacked up in paint, on the run from the long truncheon of the law.  He ducks round a corner, losing the fat flatfoot who then bumps into a black handyman walking down the street. Freddy can already feel the two guys from work shift uncomfortably on the bunk bed apparatus they’re sharing, so decides to laugh so everyone can feel fine, where really he would have smiled and shaken his head. He looks up at the busy glass floor above, and almost gets an upskirt view right above where he’s sitting.

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February 15, 2012
debut novel Red Trick on Kindle

pdf ebook available to buy here.

Read chapter #1 (+ more pages on Kindle preview)
see Henry Ireland’s alternate Red Trick covers here

February 14, 2012
an interview about my novel Red Trick

facebook page for Red Trick

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February 14, 2012
Soundtrack inspired by novel Red Trick

The Shark Bit EP. 3 tracks

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